CBSE Education

Individual Attention

In the Playschool there are 25 students in each class. A teacher student ration of 1:25 is maintained to ensure that each child receives the proper amount of individual attention that is the key to a successful Multiple Intelligence curriculum.

Parent Participation

The learning process is incomplete without the involvement of the parent especially at this tender age. Further we have a number of activities centered round the family and festivals that bring out the importance of family in child development through celebrations like Parent day. Regular updates on the child's progress are communicated to parents through regular Parent - Teacher meeting.

Our Faculty / Facilitators

We take great care in selecting teachers who will facilitate the growth of the child. They are individuals with a flair for handing children and a dedication to match. We further train them in out methods and processes to that they fully appreciate our vision and aspirations in education. Our facilitator give personalized care in motivating the budding minds to explore, understand and learn so every kid is able to handle day to day situations without any stress. This gives our children a strong foundation for life.

Our Concept and Philosophy

Intelligence and provides individual attention and guidance to build the potential of each and every student. Kids offers a revolutionary concept in early childhood education that is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence, promoting all round development of a child. At JET's Pre-School the children discover the fun of learning in an attractive, colourful and enriching learning environment. They are engaged in fun-filled activities that challenge them to think, solve, adapt and maximize their potential. The age-appropriate, interactive curriculum is scientifically designed to suit the different learning pace of children and is flexible to adapt to the child's developmental needs. The children move ahead with a love for learning and confidence about taking new challenges.

In addition, the programme aims to secure motivation and concentration, taps individual learning styles, promotes development of Multiple Intelligence and provides individual attention and guidance to build the potential of each and every student.

Our Teaching Methodology

The learning is through play way method followed by activity based curriculum. The essence of our curriculum lies in providing our children with adequate and variety of first hand sensorial experience based on their development needs. Pre school education focus on all the areas of development of learning,
  • Motor skills
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Creative and aesthetic skills
  • Physical development
  • Language development
  • Mathematical & logical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
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